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Benn Wiebe was raised in the west coast of the United States and has traveled and worked extensively throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and SE Asia. Over the past 20 years he has studied the logistical and creative operations of the business of moving images in almost every medium. From feature films, documentaries, film festivals, reality television, live tours, sports, red carpet press, to fashion & entertainment news. Believing that the power of the industry is to create opportunities and engage people to become action drivers for change, it has been his mission to understand the nuances of each discipline to become a true master of motion pictures & television.

As a member of the Producers Guild of America, Benn sits on the international committee where he is a representative liaison to Denmark, and sits on its Asia Task Force. He is also a member of the US National Television Academy of Arts & SciencesDanmarks Film Akademi, and The Production Guild of Great Britain. After producing the first livestream ever allowed into China at the Billboard Music Awards, he has worked with many to educate and develop projects that recognise international inclusivity. After being invited as an expert to co-organise SDG film events at the United Nations, Benn has made it a focus of his career to champion social impact narratives and now works with the UN on multiple events including the SDGs in Action Film Festival, Arts x SDGs Festival where he is a founding partner, and the Arctic Film Festival, northernmost film festival in the world, which was approved as a SMART project for the UN SDG Development Platform.

Benn currently oversees HF Productions as its Head of Production & Executive Producer on its Global Event Series of 26 film festivals across 16 countries, social impact projects including as Co-EP on the Oscar shortlisted documentary “Women of the Gulag”. In his role procuring partnerships, Benn has become a consulting producer for SYBO Games for marketing/licensing and their digital channel SYBOTV which averages 16 million views a month in support of the most downloaded game of the decade Subway Surfers.

Benn also teaches special courses at film schools on entertainment business and distribution strategies including at Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen, Denmarks largest independent film school.


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