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"Women of the Gulag" named to the Shortlist for Best Documentary Short at the 91st Academy Awards!

91st Academy Awards


Sign up HERE for my next courses at Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen, Denmark's largest independent film school.

Kort & Dokumentar Filmskolen


Tiffany Pritchard interviews Benn on distribution & financing for Filmmaker Magazine

Filmmaker Magazine


Filmmaker Magazine quoted article on "An Elephant in the Room"

Filmmaker Magazine


Real Screen announces "An Elephant in the Room" as Grand Jury Prize winner for BEST DOCUMENTARY at SXSW 2020!

"An Elephant in the Room" wins SXSW!

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Conversation on Denmarks DR P1 Radio about labor in creative industries, with particular focus on free labor. LISTEN HERE.

Denmark's DR P1 Radio


Conversation on Good Morning Dublin! on 103.2 Dublin City FM Radio about the Dublin Independent Film Festival I produce. LISTEN HERE

Good Morning Dublin! On 103.2 Dublin City FM Radio


Great conversation on Sam in the Morning on LA Talk Radio! LISTEN HERE

Sam in the Morning with Jen, on LA Talk Radio


Women Making Movies sponsors "An Elephant in the Room"

Women Making Movies sponsors "An Elephant in the Room"


Joshua Brunstein of Criterion Cast reviews "An Elephant in the Room"

Criterion Cast reviews "An Elephant in the Room"


Stanford News recognizes "Women of the Gulag" winning Best Documentary at Reykjavik Film Festival.

Stanford News announces "Women of the Gulag" festival win!

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Hanna B at Film Threat reviews "An Elephant in the Room"

Film Threat reviews "An Elephant in the Room"


Michael McKinney at Fan Bolt reviews "Funny Tweets"

Fan Bolt reviews "Funny Tweets"


"Beautiful Something Left Behind" gets picked up by MTV!

The Wrap


The Atlantea discusses the 2020 Santorini Film Festival

The Atlantea - Greece

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Nordisk Panorama interviews "Beautiful Something Left Behind"

Nordisk Panorama


Quoted article with FilmDaily on HF Productions. READ HERE.

Film Daily

Quoted article from Yahoo! Finance. READ HERE.

Yahoo! Finance


Quoted article from Yahoo! Style. READ HERE.

Frankie Bolder